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Terms and Conditions of boat rentals

Boat rental: Method of Payment

Discounts (not cumulative)

Boat rental: Embark and Disembark schedulesing

Boat rental: Hiring of extras

Boat rental: Cancellations

Within 30 days of embarking: 50% of the rent.

In the 30 days prior to embarkation: 100% of the rent.

What is included in the boat rental prices?

The prices reflected on our web site, include:

What is NOT included in the boat rental prices?

Prices reflected on our website do not include:

Boat rental: General terms and conditions

Customer ensures that the skipper designated in this agreement, has the knowledge and experience necessary for the Government of the rented vessel, which is legally enforceable title-holder in Spain and you will have it for the duration of this agreement available to the relevant authorities. If you do not have a license, BDA Sailing Experience will provide the services of a professional skipper for this service during the charter days.

BDA Sailing Experience rented the pleasure craft described in the special conditions, described above, subject to the terms of this contract period and price.

Customer shall deliver at the time of embarkation, security deposit, the amount described in the special conditions, which will be returned to you at the end of this contract and the vessel has been inspected for condition by BDA Sailing Experience. Customer undertakes to return the boat to BDA Sailing Experience with full fuel tank or pay the difference consumed, more €60 for refilling.

Customer is obliged to use the boat leased as if it were their property, according to the rules of the good sailor, and respecting the rule of law. It is obligation of the customer to keep in good use leased boat, as well as all existing facilities in it. Customer shall not exceed the authorized number of people. The vessel (be yacths, sailboats or catamarans) object of this contract will be designed to recreational navigation, and may not be used this to carry out commercial or lucrative as well as the sub-lease.

Customer undertakes not to participate with the ship of this contract in any race, nor in any sporting competition. The vessel must navigate only within the territorial waters of Spanish and subject to the limitations in the area of navigation described in the special conditions.

Customer undertakes not to let the vessel moored or anchored in rada, or not protected waters, without anyone on board, and that doesn't require payment of mooring fee. IT WARNS THAT THIS CIRCUMSTANCE IS EXCLUDED FROM COVERAGE IN THE INSURANCE OF THE BOAT

Customer undertakes not to govern the craft object of this contract under the influence of alcoholic beverages, toxic drugs or narcotics, or to ship weapons or illegal substances.

Customer is responsible for any harm, damage, loss or breakdown occurs, both the leased vessel of any of its elements as for example the dinghy with their outboards, as well as delays in the delivery of the vessel. To any of the above circumstances, or delay in the scheduled delivery, BDA Sailing Experience will retain the deposit to compensate the damages caused both materials and profits.

If BDA Sailing Experience is delayed at least 24 hours in the delivery of the vessel on the indicated date of embarking by reasons of force majeure, the customer may request the return of the proportional amounts corresponding to the delay with regard to the contractual period. If it were not for reasons of force majeure, customer request termination of the present contract and the return of all of the quantities delivered so far failing to make use of the boat.

Customer must immediately notify BDA Sailing Experience of any accident, incident, damage or incident regardless of its nature. In the case of accidents, an accident report must be formalised in writing, the causes, circumstances and consequences of what happened, as well as, if known, the name, surname and address of the person who caused the event and of the witnesses, as well as the names and addresses of the injured parties, if any. For the purposes of this contract, accident shall be understood to be any fortuitous, spontaneous, external or violent event.

Customer must take care in the use of the toilet to avoid any damage or blockage of W.C. Not can pull, toilet paper, hygiene items intimate, cottons, paper tisues or hands, or any other element that can bind the W.C. You must also not move or change position valve for greywater tanks.

Any non-observance of these rules, that produces a blockage of any kind in the WC, during the period of rent of the boat, the customer shall pay the amount of €600 for damage caused to the Charter Company.

In case of not coping of such payment, charter company may deduct from the deposit or pass the charge to the customer's credit card.

If this contract were determined for reasons imputable to the client, the cost of cancellation of reservation would be: within 30 days of the shipping, 50% of the rent. In the 30 days prior to embarkation, 100% of the rent.

Offers Conditions of boat rental or yacht rental

Prices and offers of boat rental or yacht rental on the site www.barcodealquiler.com, in no event will be cumulative. In case of concurrence of more than one offer on some nautical charter applies that mean higher discount to the customer.