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Sailboat rental in Barcelona

Sailing with a sailboat is a way to enjoy a total sailing experience. If you are not so lucky as to have your own sailing boat, now you have the opportunity to feel the pleasure of sailing with the sailboat rental service in Barcelona offered by BDA Sailing Experience!

Our base of operations is located in the Olympic Port of Barcelona. We have numerous moorings with sailboats of different sizes and for different needs.

Sailboats combine elegance with the pleasure of authentic navigation, with the tasks on board being more demanding than in a motor boat (like a yacht), but perhaps more satisfying, as one feels like a necessary member of the crew to arrive to a good port.


Sailboat rental services in Barcelona


Renting a sailboat in Barcelona can be considered as an opportunity to enjoy the sea and feel like an authentic sailor or it can be a relaxing experience to enjoy on deck while the crew and the captain direct the sailboat to the proposed destination.

Consult us, we can meet all possible needs at sea:

Do not hesitate and go sailing! Below we show you what sailboats for rent are available in our base in Port Olímpic de Barcelona.