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Objective of corporate events and team building

BDA Sailing Experience, specialist in yacht charters, organization of fleet, corporate events and regattas for company launches its Team Building and corporate sailing program.

A strange and extraordinary sensation can happen when co-workers become members of a team, in search of performance and performance optimization. Lessons are transferred to the workplace in the form of leadership, productivity and communication. And at Barcodealquiler.com we know that there is no better way of learning and transfer that knowledge to the real world that share an experience as exhilarating as sailing.

The majority of corporate Team Building regattas are more based on the theoretical than in practice. Our courses include theory and its practical staging. The result is that they are long remembered and that will be discussed for a long time after the experience is complete. Check the personal and team, in an alternative environment skills has a great impact and value that endures over time. Sailing is a unique experience: there is no other activity that generates so much spirit Team Building and so effectively in such a short time.

The objectives

Our proposals provide the ideal way motivate and reward your team, allowing you to reward you with one or more activity days sailing as well as combined days of seminar and navigation. Any of our offerings will allow you to develop his personal fundamental qualities of teamwork, such as:

Corporate objectives

Revitalize the mood of a group or enterprise-wide with a few hours of relaxation and recreation guided by a professional.

Participate in mini regattas between different departments of the company.

Stimulate productivity and develop interactions between teams.


The programs are based on the premise that maximize performance and company performance is similar to maximize it a sailing boat. The analogies between the navigation and the business world appear quickly on board: with the team work, the need to consider a long-term and short-term tactics, occurrences of quick reactions of adaptation to various internal and external factors, the need for effective communication between the members, and the logic, tenacity and willingness to achieve a goal in common. The hours of theoretical lessons and practices in water, are designed special and individually in order to cover the specific needs of your company. Even the most reticent group will love sailing to the end of the event, discovering a new meaning for trust, will have undergone a special sense of the camadareria, of respect of one on the other and a real desire to achieve the objectives that the company may have.

A proposal of methodology?

We started with a breakfast at the facilities in Port Olimpic (Barcelona), accompanying a session to teach the basics of sailing and safety on board.

We selected the team, which already on board guided by a qualified instructor, will quickly acquire the basics of how commanding and maneuvering the boat.

The team will internalize this new knowledge to be able to overcome a series of 'objectives' that will be posed to him (tack a buoy, gybe, wrap, etc.). While, on board, each participant will take the helm , or trim the sails or kept upright the boat, while the main sail or genoa is controlled by the other membership and act as tactical. Then, completed the objective, the members rotating their positions. We will observe that as the team works together effectively communicating, cooperating with each other and performance increases rapidly. The results are impressive (especially for those participants who have not had any previous experience in navigation). Our staff will work to ensure the maximum benefit and fun at the nautical event specially designed for your company.

Whether it's a day of sailing, Team Building or an annual regatta program, we assure you full success.

We can offer you conference rooms so that you can combine sailing, training and business.

"A good crew is a good team"