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Regattas & Corporate Events in Barcelona

We provide our customers everything that they need to give to the social event a corporate character: corporate logos, flags, t-shirts, caps and any other element of the corporate culture, as well as the hiring of catering, photographer, rooms for meetings, etc. In short, everything that our client deems necessary to ensure the social event or team building.

BDA Sailing Experience faces each event in a personalized way, and has developed a specific program for each occasion and social event.

We must have to organize a sailing regatta a minimum of 2 boats and 1 month in advance, please contact us about the destinations you want to organize the corporate event or team building.

We want to be unforgettable!


Collective sailing practice enables you to develop fundamental qualities of teamwork in the staff of the company: decision-making, motivation, dynamic team, cooperation and understanding, collaboration and mutual support, discover individual qualities and develop the figure of the leader, foster communication, etc. This is the goal we pursue in designing corporate regatta, company event or Team Building.

Description of the activity

Once participants have come to port we formed groups and distribute them in every one of the boats.

The skipper-instructor explain the basics, comprises sailing instructions and proceed to the allocation jobs: a bow, a piano, a genoa or main sail, a communications and a helm.

Jobs can be rotating on the basis of the number of people belonging to each group and the discretion of the skipper - instructor.

"On a sailboat we sail all"

The exit point is set by two auxiliary vessels that mark and are running time of each boat. Sailing instructions sets a mark - which can also be one of the own auxiliary boats - at a point of longitude and latitude given to be set depending on the weather conditions and the prevailing wind of activity day.

Each yacht must pass the pneumatic - mark and call radio to give his position by setting the first time control. The second control will be the arrival to the goal to be established between other dinghy and a point on the coast to be fixed equally taking into account climatic factors of the day.

Once you reach the arrival the boats are directed to port and disembark in participants.

It's time to eat and regain strength! During the meal we can proceed to delivery prizes social event or corporate regatta


The realization and success of a corporate event requires the participation of a team that will be formed by:

Auxiliary boats such as to be beacons and take time, serve as support vessels and transport if someone in the group is tide or what happens bad on board, and move him to land as soon as possible.

Diversity in the degree of experience in numerous groups is a factor to keep in mind to ensure the success of the corporate regatta or event.