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Capacity (Min/Max): 1/300

Sail with us from €27.25 buying our vouchers. Sailing  Club in Barcelona: excursions, sailtrips, regattas, sailing practices... Get informed!


Come and discover the sea with the Port Olimpic Sailing Club of Barcelona, if you like sports, the sea and sailing in sailboats or motorboats, in our club you will discover and acquire the necessary experience to sailing with peace of mind, without forget about the playful part, since we organize trips, excursions, crossings and participation in regattas.

A new club vision for lovers of water sports, adventure and the sea. Port Olimpic Sailing Club of Barcelona, ​​is a small club, but great is your will to offer initiatives and resources.

You will have a fleet that will make your hobby a way of life. Share your dreams with us and come to our club.

With us you will enjoy cruising sailing boats and learn the secrets of a good sailor. You can be part of our Sailing Club whether you have a nautical degree or not. It is very simple, you just have to fill in a form and we register you!

Each month you can participate in all the activities and outings that we can plan. In addition to discounts on the rental of our entire fleet of sailboats and motor boats. A Sailing Club designed especially for people who want to sail, but do not have their own boat.


Advantages of being a member of the Port Olimpic Sailing Club of Barcelona?

  • Reduced Monthly Fee: to be a member you only have to pay a monthly fee of € 45 and you will be entitled to a monthly departure of 4 hours included in your fee and you can enjoy all our activities and take advantage of special discounts for members.
  • No Registration Fee
  • Without commitment of permanence: You will not have to pay anything if for any reason you decide to unsubscribe and there is no commitment to stay.
  • Customized practices: If you still do not have a nautical degree, you have it but you do not have enough experience or you just have some experience but you want to improve your technique. We have customized training courses with a 40% special discount for members.
  • Discounts:
    • 15% on rentals
    • 15% in experiences
  • If there are places available on a trip or activity, you can invite a friend or family member to sail with you (extra charge)
  • Networking: you can contact other partners to schedule departures, regattas or activities.
  • Organization of excursions, charters and participation in regattas


What I have to do?

  • Buy the registration of the activity of the first month.You have 2 forms of payment:
    • Monthly fee of € 45 (sailing trips in monthly rate may not be shared with other people)
    • Purchase of bonuses of 15, 25 or 40 sailing trips at a reduced price (single payment and sailing trips purchased as a bonus may be shared with other people). To do this you must choose the activity and as an extra one of the bonus pack that best suits your wishes.
  • Sign the club membership contract that we will send you after you register.
  • In the case of payment by monthly domiciled fee: Sign the direct debit that we will send you so that we can send you the monthly receipt of the following monthly payments.


Club hours

  • To be agreed depending on the season.
  • The activities programm may be modified or canceled due to adverse weather or force majeure.
  • Activities are programmed to try that all the partners can enjoy them.
  • Plan of activities (see activity planning)

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