Sailing club in Barcelona: vouchers and club sailing activities

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Capacity (Min/Max): 1/300

Sailing club in Barcelona: Discover the sailing club's programme of activities: sailing practice, trips, crossings, regattas, holidays, etc. Sail with our vouchers from 31,62€ per month!


Come and discover the sea with our sailing club in Port Olimpic: BDA Sailing Club.

If you like sport, the sea and sailing, in our club you will discover and acquire the necessary experience to sail with complete peace of mind, without forgetting the recreational part, as we organise outings, excursions, nautical workshops, getaways, trips and regattas.

For lovers of sailing, water sports, adventure and the sea. BDA Sailing Club, is a small club, but big is its will to offer you initiatives and resources.

You will have at your disposal a fleet that will make your hobby a way of life. Share your dreams with us and come to our sailing club!

With us you will enjoy sailing and you will learn the secrets of a good sailor. You can join our sailing club whether you have a sailing licence or not. It's very easy, you just have to buy:

  • One trip voucher: 62€ is a sailing club system without fees, without obligations (for sporadic trips).
  • Direct debit monthly fee: 49,60€ per month, for those who want continuity but don't want to buy vouchers.
  • 8 sailing trips bonus: 355€, for users who want to join the sailing club gradually!
  • 15 sailing trips bonus: 590€, for those who feel that the sea runs through their veins!
  • 25 sailing trips bonus: 8925€, for those who can't live without the sea and the wind!
  • 40 sailing trips bonus: 1265€, for users who don't want to set foot on land!


What does the fee or voucher for the sailing club in Barcelona include?

  • A monthly sailing trip of 4 hours duration on a cruising sailboat.
  • All vouchers can be used as payment currency for:
  • Nautical sailing workshops
  • Full day sailing club trips
  • Participation in regattas of the CMPO Regatta League of Barcelona (20€ will be charged for each regatta as an entry fee)
  • Weekend getaways
  • Cruising weeks

What is NOT included in the sailing club in Barcelona fee or voucher?

  • Any extra or option not mentioned
  • Federative licence to participate in club and offshore regattas (50€ per year)

What are the advantages of being a member of the sailing club in Barcelona?

  • No registration fee: none of our modalities include a registration fee to the sailing club.
  • No commitment of permanence: none of our modalities has permanence to the sailing club.
  • Personalised training: If you still don't have a sailing certificate or you have one but you don't have enough experience but you want to improve your technique, we have personalised improvement courses with a special 40% discount for members. 
  • Special discounts:
    • Special discount for sailing club members of 15% on rentals.
    • Special discount for sailing club members of 15% on activities.
  • If there is enough space on the activity, you can invite a friend or family member to sail with you, extra charge of 62€.
  • Networking: you can contact other members to plan outings, regattas or activities.
  • Organisation of excursions, outings and participation in regattas.


What do I have to do to join the sailing club in Barcelona?

To join the sailing club, you can do it in several ways. Buying the registration fee for the first month's activity:

  • Buying the first outing fee: 62€.
  • Buying the monthly direct debit fee of 49,60 (the monthly fee cannot be shared with other people).
  • Buying vouchers of 8, 15, 25 or 40 sailing trips at a reduced price (single payment and the trips bought as a voucher can be shared with other people).
  • Signing the club membership contract that we will send you after you become a member.

In the case of payment by direct debit monthly fee:

  • Sign the direct debit form for the collection of the following monthly fees.

Links to the utilities for members of the sailing club in Barcelona


Timetables for sailing club activities in Barcelona

  • To be agreed depending on the season.
  • The schedule of activities may be modified or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or force majeure.
  • Activities are programmed to try that all members can enjoy them, increasing them or going out with more sailboats.
  • Plan of activities (see planning of activities)

How to get to the sailing club activities in Barcelona?

  • Meeting point: Sales tent BDA Sailing Experience, 1546 Moll de Mestral, Port Olímpic
  • Metro: L4 stop Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica
  • Bus: 10, 36, 45, 71, 92, 99 and 100.

Rates: Sailing club in Barcelona: vouchers and club sailing activities

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