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Discover in BDA Boat Sharing! a great initiative to share, a new system to rent and share your favorite hobby: sailing from €15 per day!



Discover in BDA Boat Sharing! a great initiative to share, a new system to rent and share your favorite hobby: sailing!

Our vision is that you can practice the sport of sailing and improve your knowledge throughout the year, enjoying a flat rate for the use of a sailboat cruiser, renting or sharing the sport activity of sailing with other members of the BDA Boat Sharing! Club, with friends and family, through a reduced monthly fee, without initial disbursements or permanence commitments.

We propose a system of better use of a boat, both in departures with other partners and for private use of the boat.

All this, without registration fees or time of permanence, sailing every day you want, renting or sharing with other members. You can enjoy private use of the boat, with your family and friends or share the use with other members if you do not have anyone to navigate with.

It is very simple! Do you rent or share? It's up to you!

Also BDA Boat Sharing!, is a meeting and socialization point of the practice of sailing, where you can improve your sailing skills learning from other members of the club.

In addition to enjoying a discount of up to 20% on all boat rentals of our fleet.


What are the advantages of being a BDA Boat Sharing Club Member?

  • Reduced monthly fee
  • You only pay for the use you make of the boat.
  • You can enjoy all our activities.
  • Use of the boat in working days or weekend:
    • Private: with your family or friends
    • Shared: with other members
  • Discounts:
    • 20% on rentals
    • 20% in experiences
    • 20% in workshops and training activities
  • Networking: you can contact other partners to schedule departures, regattas or activities.
  • Organization of excursions, departures and participation in regattas
  • Sailing Fleet:

Boat sharing rates

Concept Member rate Guest rate Full boat booking rate
Monthly fee €60,00 --- ---
Weekday €15,00 €25,00 €120,00
Weekend day €30,00 €45,00 €240,00



What do I have to do to register for the BDA Boat Sharing Club?

  • Buy the registration of the activity of the first month
  • Sign the membership agreement to the club that we will send you after registering as a member.
  • Sign the direct debit that we will send you so we can send you the monthly receipt of the following monthly payments


Planning the use of the boat

  • Each member can have a shared or private way of the boat throughout the year on the days assigned or exchanged with other members of the BDA Boat Sharing Club!
  • BDA Boat Sharing!, will assign and schedule days of shared use to promote this new sailing mode.
  • Each member will be able to program and dispose of the boat and the only decision will be if he wants to share his trips, rental or excursión or, if on the contrary, he wishes to make private use of the boat. Members of the BDA Boat Sharing Club can share in exchange and modify days with other club members, getting a better use and use of the assigned boat.
  • In case of breakdown, maintenance or logistical operations on the assigned boat, the members of the BDA Boat Sharing Club may have another vessel of equal or greater length to continue the service and program of use of the members.

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