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Capacity (Min/Max): 1/8

The Ophiusa regatta, an offshore regatta from Barcelona to Formentera. Ibiza, port or starboard? What is your decision for this offshore regatta?


Formentera: its name is one of the great mysteries of this island from whose Greek name this regatta takes its name: Ophiusa. Many historians and linguists have tried to find out the origin of its name, but none of them have come up with an etymology that would put an end to as many speculations as there are people who have come to the island.

The story we like best is Promontoria (from Latin), a word that was adapted from Latin and Hispanic when the latter referred to the capes of Barbería and La Mola because of their height, the deformation of which would come from the difficulty of the latter to pronounce a consonant followed by an r. Thus Promontoria would become Formontoria, then Formentera, undoubtedly one of the first geological points of the island when arriving from the sea... at our arrival at the Ophiusa Regatta!

The Ophiusa regatta starts from Port Olimpic (Barcelona) and finishes in Port La Savina (Formentera).

As a curiosity, this regatta can be chosen between two different routes, the first in this case is to leave Ibiza to starboard passing near the islet of Tagomago and crossing Los Freus which divides Ibiza and Formentera to arrive at the port of La Sabina in Formentera.

The first in this case is to leave Ibiza to starboard, passing close to the islet of Tagomago and crossing Los Freus, which divides Ibiza and Formentera, to finish in the port of La Sabina in Formentera.

The second alternative is to leave Ibiza on the port side, passing Es Vedrá, to the south of Ibiza. Both routes have a similar distance of around 160 miles. Choosing the right course depending on the weather conditions is an added attraction of the regatta.

After the arrival of the regatta, one of the most fun and eagerly awaited moments for the sailors: the presentation of the trophies to the winners of the Ophiusa Regatta!

Take part in this unique and extraordinary experience.

Don't miss out on your place in this impressive offshore regatta!


What does the Ophiusa offshore regatta include?

  • Boat rental
  • Registration of the boat in the regatta
  • Professional skipper service
  • Mooring in the port of destination
  • Final cleaning

What is NOT included in the Ophiusa offshore regatta?

  • Federative licence
  • Meals
  • Fuel


What do I have to bring to the Ophiusa offshore regatta?

  • Comfortable and warm clothes according to the season.
  • Swimming costume, towel, sun protection cream, etc.
  • Footwear suitable for wet conditions, sunglasses, cap. 
  • And the desire to live this unique experience: a real offshore regatta!


Ophiusa offshore regatta plan

  • Day: 1

    • 19:00 h Arrival at Port Olímpic
    • 20:30h Skippers' meeting.
    • 21:30h Dinner in the village and early night.
  • Day: 2
    • 08:00h Breakfast and preparations before the start.
    • 10:00h Start of the regatta. Destination: Port La Sabina (Formentera). 170 nautical miles.
  • Day: 3
    • We will arrive at Port La Savina long Friday, everything will depend on the wind and our tactics. Time to rest.
  • Day: 4
    • 12:00 Departure and anchoring in Ses Illetes. Return at sunset.
    • 21:00 Dinner in the village and prize giving party.
  • Day: 5
    • 10:00 Departure from La Savina back to Barcelona. Depending on the weather and the mood, heading for Columbretes, Dragonera or direct to Barcelona.
  • Day: 6
    • Arrival in the Olympic Port of Barcelona around midday or early afternoon.

How to get to the Ophiusa offshore regatta?

  • Meeting point: Sales tent BDA Sailing Experience,, 1546 Moll de Mestral, Port Olímpic
  • Underground: L4 stop Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica
  • Buses: 10, 36, 45, 71, 92, 99 and 100

Rates: Ophiusa regatta

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