Astronomical navigation course with sextant, nautical workshop

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Capacity (Min/Max): 1/8

Astronomical sailing workshop in Barcelona. Astronomical sailing trip and workshop on a sailboat cruiser in Barcelona. Nautical courses and workshops of sailing club


Astronomical navigation course with sextant, astronomical navigation workshop on sailing boat in BarcelonaDiscover the secrets of astronomical navigation in our sailing club in Barcelona.

An interesting journey and astronomical navigation workshop aboard a sailing cruiser!

With technological advances and the generalisation of GPS, practically nobody practices it any more, although knowledge of astronomical navigation is still essential for high-altitude voyages in the event of electronic failure.

For this reason, we propose this type of activity within the activities of BDA Sailing Club in Port Olimpic, Barcelona, aimed at our members and clients.

Astronomical navigation with a sextant is a fascinating way of navigating using one of the most interesting tools, the sextant, fundamental in the time of our grandparents. From our point of view, it is essential to master it when faced with adverse situations that may arise during a voyage.

Therefore, if we learn to 'read' the sky, we can use astronomical navigation tables to find out what latitude we are at.

We will sail without a fixed course all weekend, with double night watches.
night watches.

During the voyage we will study the following concepts:

  • Solar Analemma
  • Establishment of the HRB.
  • Terrestrial, hourly, horizontal and uranographic coordinates.
  • Adjustment of the sextant to the Sun.
  • Identification of winter and summer constellations with the naked eye.
  • Latitude by polar altitude.
  • Latitude and longitude by meridian altitude of the Sun.


What does the astronomical sailing workshop in Barcelona include?

What is NOT included in the astronomical navigation workshop in Barcelona?

  • Maintenance of the skipper
  • Food and beverages during the sailing cruise.
  • Fuel consumption for the crossing.
  • Bed and bath linen
  • Final cleaning
  • Moorings outside base port
  • Any other service not specified

Costs of the sailing trip and astronomical sailing workshop are divided among the participants. Approximately 80€ per person


What do I have to bring to the astronomical navigation workshop in Barcelona?

  • Comfortable and warm clothes according to the season.
  • Students will be provided with the following teaching material:
    • Sextant (optional)
    • Spanish Nautical Almanac (optional)
    • Notebook DIN A4
    • Pencil, biros, eraser and pencil sharpener
    • Drawing compass
    • Square or bevel
    • Headlamp with red light
    • Wristwatch with second hand (not digital)
  • White rubber-soled shoes
  • Camera or video camera
  • And the desire to live this unique experience: a fantastic voyage, astronomical navigation workshop!


Plan of the astronomical navigation workshop in Barcelona?

  • Duration: 48 days
  • Course: Mallorca or another point depending on weather conditions
  • Departure from the base port: Friday at 16:00 h.
  • Latest arrival at base port: Sunday at 20.00 h.
  • The astronomical navigation workshop will be held throughout the sailing trip.

How to get to the astronomical navigation workshop in Barcelona?

  • Meeting point: Sales tent BDA Sailing Experience, 1546 Moll de Mestral, Port Olímpic
  • Metro: L4 stop Ciutadella - Vila Olímpica
  • Bus: 10, 36, 45, 71, 92, 99 and 100.

Rates: Astronomical navigation course with sextant, nautical workshop

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