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Menorca by boat

Menorca is the island of the Balearic Islands located to the north of the archipelago. With an extension of 701 km² approximately, it is a perfect island to know by land (the bike or walking routes like the known Camí de Cavalls are especially popular), but also by sea. Renting a boat in Menorca means enjoying an incomparable place, its sea breeze coming from the tramontana, crystal clear waters, a wild fauna and flora, and virgin and lost coves.

Rent a boat in Menorca

Menorca is full of hidden coves of unsurpassed beauty. Rocky areas where all kinds of fish, crabs or octopuses hide in full view if we snorkel for its beaches of incredible turquoise waters. And the best way to enjoy this incomparable spot is undoubtedly on board our sailboats, catamarans, boats or yachts.

Sailboat rental in Menorca

The winds in Menorca are known for being more intense than in the rest of the Balearic Islands, probably due to the influence of the Northern Tramontana wind. Therefore renting a sailboat in Menorca to navigate its waters is a perfect option to enjoy the rugged coasts of the island. Setting sail from the port of Maó, Ciutadella or Fornells, we have different sailboats to cross the seas and get closer to the different beaches of Menorca, even those with the most difficult access by land.

Catamaran rental in Menorca

The catamaran is a large capacity boat, perfect to rent by large groups of friends to celebrate parties or simply to enjoy a tour of Menorca by boat. From its double hull you can go to the sea to take a dip or enjoy the breathtaking virgin coves of Menorca such as Ses Fontanelles, Cala Pregonda, Cala Alcalfar, Binibèquer, Macarelleta ... As well as sunbathing from the deck without needing to find a place to put your towel. The warm temperatures and the sea breeze make catamaran rental in Menorca a perfect option to enjoy the island.

Motorboat rental in Menorca

If what you like is speed, renting a motorboat in Menorca is your best option to enjoy an authentic adventure. You can quickly reach any part of the island, both in the north and in the south, and get closer to the most hidden and steep coves where you will enjoy the soft sound of the waves of the sea, far from the most tourist areas. Anchor near the coast and take your goggles to admire the incredible underwater background offered by the sea.

Yacht rental in Menorca

To rent a yacht in Menorca is an option of authentic luxury for those who want to enjoy a stay with all kinds of comforts: crew, Captain, catering, accommodation ... Our yachts sail from nearby ports and can anchor relatively close to the coast. Find your favorite cove surrounding the island and admire the wonderful landscapes of cliffs and lush vegetation, crystal clear waters surrounded by rocks with moss and a seabed full of protected fauna and flora.

No license boat for rent in Menorca

Even if you do not have a navigation license, at Barco de Alquiler we put renting boats without a title in Menorca at your disposal. These are small motor boats with which you can get close to the hidden coves of the island. We offer a small training to teach you all the security measures necessary for optimal navigation and to enjoy with your friends or family a perfect excursion through Menorca.

Boat trips in Menorca

At Barco de Alquiler we offer both boat vacation weekly rentals as well as day rentals, also boat trips around Menorca by the hour. Our experienced crew will be sure to offer you an incredible experience, offering you all the necessary services so that your trip to the northernmost island of the Balearic Islands is a success. If you are thinking about a different vacation, renting a boat in Menorca is a great idea. Enjoy a full day at sea and then go ashore to visit the most emblematic spots of this island. Enjoy also its cuisine and do not miss the Mahón cheese accompanied by a glass of pomade, the summer local drink. At Barco de Alquiler we put all of this at your fingertips.

Our boats in Menorca

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