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Ibiza by Boat

An incredible holiday in Ibiza by boat is at your fingertips with Barco de Alquiler. The Pitiusa Island, as locals call it, is a perfect place to enjoy some family tourism, away from the big cities. And Ibiza is much more than partying; its coast is one of the most beautiful of the Balearic Islands, full of rocky coves and long white sand beaches with crystal clear waters. To visit them all, nothing better than renting a boat in Ibiza and sailing to the adventure for its incredible coastal landscape.

Boat Rental in Ibiza

At Barco de Alquiler we have a complete fleet of boats perfect for all kinds of needs and tastes: sailboats to feel the wind, catamarans of great capacity, motorboats to sail the sea at high speed, luxury yachts and, of course, boats without certification. We adapt to all kinds of groups of people visiting this beautiful island, to offer them an incredible experience of Ibiza by boat.

Sailboat rental in Ibiza

From the different ports such as Port d'Eivissa or Marina de Eivissa, Salines, Port de Sant Antoni or Marina Santa Eulàlia we set sail on sailboats, perfect for navigating the steep island coast. Renting a sailboat in Ibiza is a great option to enjoy the quietness of a calm sea and admire the beautiful coves of the island aboard. The winds in this area are low intensity in summer, so they are easy to master to enjoy a perfect trip on a sailboat.

Catamaran rental in Ibiza

At Barco de Alquiler we have a fleet of perfect catamarans to enjoy a few days at the sea, aboard a boat with a capacity of up to 10 people and, therefore, one of the favorite boats for groups of friends. Our catamarans can be rented for days or weeks, and are a perfect option to discover the coast of Ibiza without having to step on the sand. Rent a catamaran in Ibiza and stay on board sunbathing without having to find a place to put your towel, bathe in the warm waters of the coast and snorkel to discover the incomparable seabed of Ibiza.

Motorboat rental in Ibiza

Not everything has to be sun and relaxation, you can also enjoy the sea of Ibiza with all the adrenaline of a fast motorboat! These boats, perfect for small groups, are a great option if you want to visit a lot of the island coast within a few days. In addition, you can anchor closer to the beach, thus enjoying all the incredible scenery offered by the rugged coast and the turquoise waters of Ibiza. Rent a boat in Ibiza at Barco de Alquiler!

Yacht rental in Ibiza

If what you’re looking for is a luxury experience, then a great yacht is the best option for you. Renting a yacht in Ibiza is a decision that you will not regret to enjoy an incredible vacation aboard a luxurious boat, with all the facilities for a perfect stay: crew of sailors, Captain, service, catering on board... Enjoy the incredible crystalline waters and hidden and peaceful coasts of Ibiza with yacht rental in Ibiza.

No license boat for rent in Ibiza

If you prefer something simpler, at Barco de Alquiler we also have a large fleet of boat rentals in Ibiza without need of qualification. These are small motor boats that you can sail without the need of a license or experience, and that will bring you closer to the hidden corners of the coast of Ibiza.

Boat trips in Ibiza

Without a doubt, a boat trip in Ibiza is a great way to spend a day of vacation at sea, enjoying the sun, the beach, the sea breeze and a really spectacular sea bottom. From Ibiza city you can hire the different tours that we prepare with love from Barco de Alquiler to different points around the Island: from visits to the imposing beach of Atlantis, passing through the white sand of Sant Antoni de Portmany or many other beaches surrounded by rocks and vegetation, which make up a truly spectacular landscape. In summer you will enjoy a warm climate and calm waters, clean and transparent, with a perfect temperature to take a dip or snorkel. In addition, you will enjoy the spectacular sunsets aboard one of our boats, such as from the natural park of Ses Salines, from Cala Comte or Sa Penya Esbarrada. Be that as it may, a boat trip around Ibiza is a perfect option whether you are visiting the island with family, friends or your partner. Trust Barco de Alquiler for an experience like no other and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Ibiza, its beaches and incredible landscapes.

Our boats in Ibiza

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